Omega's® Story and Our Commitment

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Omega, home to custom cabinet builders, was truly born in a barn in Washburn Iowa, over thirty years ago. You start by choosing the Kind of Wood, then the style of Doors and Drawers then the finish. The 3 things that define your Custom Cabinets. At that point It's like you have a Local Shop making Custom Cabinets just for you. Your Cabinets are crafted by seasoned Pro's using the latest Hi-Tec equipment to make every Cut, Bevel and Groove just perfect . Then it's off to the Sanding and Finish shops. Again Seasoned Pro's that understand how the Surface Preparation needs to be Perfect for a Finish that will bond and hold up to the daily use in your KITCHEN. The craftsmanship Shows, you will see it in Your Cabinets.

We can Design your Kitchen or Bath Based on a detailed understanding of what you are dreaming of. Set your project apart, be it semi-custom cabinet modifications, or custom cabinet, You’ll appreciate our commitment to guiding you through the decision making process.

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